Chapter Nine of the Goshorn History Book

The Daughters of Leonard Goosehorn; Sarah

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Chapter Nine

John and Sarah Fink

6-1 Sarah Goshorn, b; ca 1789 Tuscarora, Mifflin Co., PA., m. John FINK, b; 09/26/1783 Philadelphia, PA., d; 12/??/1851 Indiana, Indiana Co., PA., son of Peter and Anne Marie Fink.

6 children.... 7th generation

7-1 George Washington Fink, b; ca 1806 Wheatfield, Indiana Co., PA.

7-2 Susannah Fink, b; 05/18/1807, d; 01/22/1897

7-3 David Fink, b; ca 1808 Wheatfield, Indiana Co., PA.

7-4 Catherine Rebecca Fink, b; 10/18/1809, d; 04/21/1870

7-5 Rachel Fink, b; ca 1810

7-6 John Speer Fink, b; 03/20/1812, d; 01/21/1880

7-2 Susannah Fink, b; 05/18/1807 Wheatfield, Indiana Co., PA., d; 01/22/1897, buried in Strongstown, Indiana Co., PA., m. 1827 James HILL, b; 07/10/1804 York, York Co., PA., d; 1865, son of James (1770-1850) and Barbara (Emmerheiser)(1776-1815) Hill

9 children.... 8th generation

8-1 Sarah HILL, b; ca 1826 Pine Township, Indiana Co., PA

8-2 Barbara HILL, b; 07/29/1827 Pine Township, Indiana Co., PA., d; 10/13/1868

8-3 Emma HILL, b; ca 1830 Pine Township, Indiana Co., PA.

8-4 Thomas HILL, b; ca 1832 Pine Township, Indiana Co., PA.

8-5 Evelyn HILL, b; ca 1835 Pine Township, Indiana Co., PA.

8-6 Susan HILL , b; 12/13/1837 Pine Township, Indiana Co., PA., d; 08/27/1913

8-7 George HILL, b; ca 1842 Pine Township, Indiana Co., PA.

8-8 William J. HILL, b; 02/??/1846, d; 02/22/1907

8-9 Mary Jane HILL, b; ca 1848 Pine Township, Indiana Co., PA.

8-8 William J. Hill, b; 02/??/1846 Pine Twp., Indiana Co., PA., d; 02/22/1907, m. Irene ? , b; 03/??/1851 in PA.

4 children? 9th generation

9-1 Frank Hill, b; 02/??/1882 in PA.

9-2 John Thomas Hill, b; 12/02/1886, in PA.

9-3 Levi G. Hill, b; 03/02/1893 in PA.

9-4 Daniel Bradley Hill, b; 08/27/1896 Strongstown, Indiana Co., PA.