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Welcome to our home page. I first posted this site March 27th, 1997. This family history site is the most comprehensive collection of Goshorn family names anywhere. Starting about 1593, four generations in Germany, to the present. Our family came to the United States in 1750. We have documented over 69,000 names total.

Marjorie H. Carter’s "Goshorn Descendents of Johann Georg and Susannah Gansshorn of Shade Valley, Pennsylvania" has now been transcribed electronically and is available for your Kindle or other electronic reader. Click the following link to purchase a copy at Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CFVSKVM

The Origin of the name Goshorn

The name Goshorn evolved in The United States after Johann Gorg Gansshorn of Bammental, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany, his wife and several children landed in Pennsylvania, August 1750. The name Gansshorn is thought to have evolved in the 1600s after the Thirty Years War from the Swiss name Gamshorn, which has been interpreted to mean a "horn of a chamois-buck." Gans in German also means goose, resulting in immigrant George Gansshorn being named George Goosehorn by his English predecessors in York County, where he first settled in this Country. Some have interpreted the name to indicate it originated from a mountain in Switzerland. Others suggest the first Gansshorn earned his living through writings, since goose quills were used as pens. Others thought perhaps the first Gansshorn had a big bump on his nose, like a male goose. Immigrant George himself was a baker. In any event, over time in America, Gansshorn became Goosehorn, then Gooshorn, and then Goshorn. The name also has been subjected to various misspellings, such as Goshern and Gosorn. Today, the name is normally pronounced Goss/horn. -- Eugene Raymond Goshorn

On 05/10/2009 I received an email from Elizaveta Johann, who believed that we had a common ancestor in Georg Bernhard Ganzhorn (b; 1747). Much to my pleasant surprise, she told me Georg had moved his family from Germany to Russia in 1764 settling in Anton. This is the first I have heard of our family moving from Germany to Russia. She sent me data of her direct line from Georg to herself, which I have now included. Welcome, Liza and relatives, to our every growing multinational family.

11/18/2014 I have received a request from Yvonne Goshorn asking if anyone has any concrete evidence that the Goshorn/Ganshorn family was originally part of the Waldensians of Northwestern Italy? If you have any input on this please contact me and I can put you in touch with Yvonne.

03/03/2016 Yvonne Goshorn has transcribed Marjorie Carter's Book "Goshorn Descendents of Johann Georg and Susannah Gansshorn of Shade Valley, Pennsylvania" and it is available on Amazon for your electronic readers.

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